Hahah I love it when people tell me that I look like somebody that would go on a shooting spree, and I’m just like “Naw….I wouldn’t do that……”

"I’m not afraid of suicide, I’m afraid I won’t succeed.”
— (via depressionessoverload)

Stoner Girls > Sober Girls

can we just get this straight? if you message me on tumblr you are not annoying me i am a lonely person and any form of human contact is a god send 


Comments from Columbine community members about Eric Harris being shy/withdrawn



Informal infographic depicting evolution 

For all you stupid religious motherfuckers.


The Shining Vs. The Simpsons

Comparisons between Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining and The Simpons’ Treehouse Of Horror V (S6E06)

Some comparisons were left out due to Tumblr’s limited images on photosets. 

This is incredible.